Add Intermediate Locations / Stops

Often when we travel from one place to another, we like to make a few stops. This drawback of this action is that it cancels all our plans, because now we can not estimate the final arriving time. iTrip can solve this problem.

iTrip enables one only to add intermediate stops to a new trip, but also modify stops in a saved trip. In this article we will describe the steps to achieve this.

The very first step is to click on the + button to create a new trip. Or if we have a trip, we can click on it. In the Trip screen, did you see the line “Add Intermediate Locations” ?

This line is a button, and when we click on it we get to the screen for selecting a location. This is the same screen that we use to set the starting and ending location. As before, we select a location by clicking on it. We dismiss this screen by sliding it down.

In our previous article we decided to make a trip from Paris to Berlin. But, now we want to stop in Amsterdam.

We added Amsterdam as an intermediate location, and we then clicked on the Compute button to get all possible routes. The first thing that we notice is that we now have 9 possible routes, when before we had only 3. We also notice that the shortest trip is now longer by 2 hours.

As a final remark we would to point out three things about the intermediate locations:

  • We can add up to 5 different locations
  • We can delete one by sliding our finger horizontally on it
  • We can modify one by clicking on it, and then selecting a different location