Create a New Trip

The process of creating a new Trip is as simple as 1,2,3. The first thing is to start the iTrip app, and then click on the + button in the top right corner. This will take you in the New Trip screen.

This screen has several buttons. In the top right corner we find the Save button. We click on this button to save this trip. The Starting Location and Ending Location are also buttons. We click on them to set those two locations respectively. Similarly, the Intermediate Location is used to set additional stops. Finally we have one button to set the Date/Time that we want to arrive our destination. Once we have entered the above information, we click on the Compute to compute all possible routes.

The name “Arrive Date” will change to “Depart Date” when we set the Date/Time to “Arrive”. When we make this change, a new field will appear prompting us to enter the date and time that we want to arrive our destination.

Trip from Paris to Berlin

Let’s say that we want to plan a trip from Paris to Berlin. We click on the Starting Location button, and we get to the following screen

In the search field, at the top of the screen, we type Paris. We see a list of possible locations. At the top of that list we see our current location. At the bottom of the screen we see these locations on an Apple map. We select a location by clicking on it. We dismiss the screen by sliding it down.

Note that the screen is not dismissed when we select a location. Instead, the text in the search field is updated. This is because we want to refine our search by extra information

We repeat the above process for the city of Berlin. We leave the Date/Time to Now, and we click on the Compute button, We get the following screen:

iTrip has found three possible routes to go from Paris to Berlin. The shortest trip is 10 hours. We can click on the numbers to view the other two routes. If we click on a route, we can preview it on an Apple map. But, more about this in a future article.