iOS Version 1.3

We are pleased to inform you that version 1.3 is available for download. This version comes with two nice features:

  • New button to compute the routes
  • Option to use your current location

In the previous versions the button to compute the routes was hidden under the text that displayed the shortest trip. Most users did not realize that that button was clickable after they had computed the routes. We decided to solve this problem by placing a button at the bottom of the screen.

When you select a location (starting or ending), you can select your current location. In previous versions, the current location was the location that you had at the time you were using the app. Thus, if you save that trip, and you move to a new location, and you click on the button to compute the routes, iTrip would compute the routes based on your old location. Now, we added an option to use your current location. If that option is set to Yes (this is the default value), iTrip would acquire your current location and use it in the computation of the routes.