iOS Version 1.5

We are pleased to inform you that version 1.5 is available for download from the App Store. In this version we added one important feature: The iTrip application is compatible with CarPlay

As with the other CarPlay applications, you have limited access to the iTrip application. Namely, you can browse through your saved trips, and when you tap on a trip, you start the Apple Map app, to display directions from the starting point to the destination point of your trip.

Once you connect your iPhone to your CarPlay, you will see a screen similar to the following one:

Tap on the iTrip icon to start the iTrip application. For demo purposes we have saved 5 trips. We display them in the order that they were saved:

Next to the title “Saved Trips” and in parenthesis we see the number of available trips. The trips are displayed in a list of cells, and each cell has two lines:

  • The name is displayed at the top line
  • The bottom line has a few information about the starting / ending destination

If neither the starting nor the ending destinations are given, the bottom line is empty. If the starting point is available, then it is prefixed with the word “From:”. The ending destination is prefixed with the word “To:”.

Note, that only if both the starting and the ending destination are both given, there is a right arrow at the far end of the cell. This means that if you select that cell, the Apple Map application will start and display directions from the starting point to the destination point.

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